2014 TD Contest

Starting May the 24th 2014 the club will organize a monthly TD contest running every 3rd saturday of each month ( rain check on sunday). Check the Events page for all the official dates.

The contest will run as follow:

  • Open to anyone with a valid MAAC or AMA
  • Registration start at 9am, pilot meeting at 9:45am first round at 10am.
  • 2 classes ( Novice and Expert)
  • Timing and landing contest, 7 minutes flights and  landing ( Expert only)  in a designated area
  • 2 winches will be installed ( a B type and a braided line one). It is the choice of the pilot to use one or another.
  • No retriever used, line must be “taped” to the turn around after the plane release.
  • Relaunch authorized in case of a pop off.
  • Determined flight order per round
  • Nobody start the next round before everybody has scored the preceding one.
  • Contest will be open to electrics plane in a separate category ( see special rules)
  • Results are officials when 3 contest DAYS are “in the book” for one person.
  • 1 point for every second of flight and 20 points for landing. 1 point will be deducted for every second of flight time over the allocated task until 30 seconds over. After that the flight will be considered at 0 points.
  • Points are “reported” to 1000 with a mega formula using the best score in the round.
  • The worst round of every week will not be used.
  • Only the 3 best contests DAYS will be used to designate the 2014 champion ( that will, by the way, have to pay the beers 😉 )

The cost of participating is 15$ per contest. The club also offer a paid in advance option at 50$ and that will give you access to all the 5 contests. No money back.

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