2015 AGM

The club next AGM will take place on April the 12th starting 10am. This year we had to change the place as the usual one went bankrupt.

The AGM will take place at the

Dixon’s Pub, 15425 Bannister Rd SE,
Upstairs (take the stairs to your right just as you enter)

Check the Dixons website for directions

As usual we strongly recommend all current and new members to be present during the meeting.

You are more than welcome to bring radio control related items you would like to sell, we will have some room for that.

A breakfast menu is available. Please note that users are responsible for paying for their orders.

Check the menus here

Valid 2014 members that are not be able to attend the AGM and wish to be counted can be represented by proxies who must submit to the secretary at the BEGINNING of the AGM a signed and dated proxy letter OR can contact Kevin before the AGM to make arrangements.

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