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The CRCSA club is an registered MAAC (Club MAAC id 612) MAAC registration

The club’s home field is a thermal soaring site located at the old RCAF South Calgary Airfield. Nearby is the “The Grainery”, a SE facing slope on the north side of the Highwood River valley. You must be a member of the Calgary Radio Control Soaring Association to fly at either site, as specific arrangements have been made with both land owners.

Here’s a map to help it all make sense:

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Access Field 0

Access to the Thermal Field is via a gated and padlocked road heading east from 112 Street SE and into the old airport runway system. This road lies approximately 1.2 km south of Dunbow road, or 2 km north of highway 552 on 112 Street SE. The flying site is at the extreme south end of the old runway triangle, with our access route being along one North taxi way on the north side of the air field, then heading south on the east side of the triangle. We are sharing the old airfield with the an AMA Driving School. Please avoid any driver training activities that take place on the northern runway by taking the northerly taxi way route on the north side of the triangle, or if necessary driving through the school parking area by their Atco trailer office and our storage container. A portable toilet is available for CRCSA use at the trailer office. The west side of the triangle is very overgrown and the asphalt is broken up severely. Parking varies with the daily wind direction, but is usually to the north of the launching area  on the N-S runway for eastern, southern, or western winds and at the far south corner of the runway for northern winds.

Here’s a detailed map to access the field:

Access Field 1a