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DRCFF Auction Sat Sept 24

A reminder that the Didsbury Fun Flyers are having their fall auction this Saturday September 24th.


Back to Normal

Thanks to Brian for cutting all the grass today while Matt, Tony and I worked on the other tractor.  Thanks to Matt for figuring out the problem with it:  it seems Chinese carburetors are “sensitive” to the gasoline that goes in them, while B&S can just chug through it all.

Picture of Tony flying today on the cut grass, while Brian and Guy give him pointers.  😉

Saturday Morning = Grass Cutting!

2016-06-16  The grass needs cutting again and we plan to be out Saturday morning.

Reminder that there will be NO FLYING ALLOWED while grass cutting is going on.  Any violators may have their aircraft mowed.

RCAF DeWinton 75th Anniversary June 15 2016

There was a celebration of RCAF DeWinton’s 75th Anniversary including a flyover of WWII aircraft.

Here’s a Link to the information:

2015 Field preparation

Please don’t be afraid by the picture with snow, field is clear of it….

This Saturday we need as many hands as possible to do some cleanup and prep work at the field and granary sites. This will help us get the field ready and in good shape for the coming flying season

Please meet us at the main field parking at 10am Saturday and bring a shovel and garden rake if you can, as well as clothes suitable for the job and weather.