Thermal Duration

WinchLaunchFlying thermal duration is the real workhorse of the club during the summer months. We can launch sailplanes at our field with winches and high-starts, for all out thermal performance and maximum flight times. Electric powered Climb & Glide models with folding propellers are a viable option if you are by yourself at the field and do not want to set out a winch, but their inherently heavier weights make for faster airspeed, and higher sink rates. Thermal flying is a real test of your flying skills, as well as your mental skills, as you look for lift, find it, and try stay in it to sustains flights of up to an hour or more. Follow the circling birds, use on the ground wind shifts and visual clues and signals from your plane to help stay out of sink, and in the lift, until you have had your fill, and you come in to land for a break from the action and to grab a snack or re-hydrate. The sky’s the limit – laaauunching!!!

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